I plan to work to ensure every student across District 3, and Knox County as a whole, has access to the very best education possible.

Leadership that values every voice and focuses on excellence for every student

Over the past 12 years in leading The Restoration House, I have become even more convinced that in order to create lasting impact, thoughtful collaboration is required. Collaboration means seeking shared values, listening to opposing ideas, keeping the mission first and working toward the common good. This is the kind of leadership I will strive for each and every day as a school board member focused on excellence for EVERY student.

Eliminate the achievement gap by continually addressing the disparities in education

Only 39% of students across Knox County are reading on grade level by the 3rd grade. This number is even more staggering for minority and economically disadvantaged students. No one sees this as acceptable. I will continually push for removing disparities across our educational system, while closing the achievement gap for all students – no matter their circumstances.

Ensure parents are viewed as valuable partners in education, whose voices matter

I believe that parents ultimately want the best for their child(ren), especially when it comes to education. This is not to assume that every parent has the same amount of time, energy or resources to contribute. As a public education system, we must find creative ways to meet parents where they are, allowing their voices to be heard and valued.

Support teachers in every way to educate today’s students for tomorrow’s workforce

In many ways we entrust our future to our teachers. While our mission remains the same, we must acknowledge that we cannot teach today’s students the same way we did 25 or even 10 years ago. We must support our highly capable teachers with access to ongoing professional development, ample resources and the latest best practices in education. In turn we will offer our students the very best future possible.

Ensure financial decisions are made responsibly and align with the core values of Knox County Schools

Founded at the beginning of the economic downturn in 2007, The Restoration House is one of the most financially sustainable grass roots nonprofit organizations in Knoxville. Knox County Schools has an annual budget of close to $500 million per year. As a school board member, I will help steward these funds with the same financial accountability and fiscal responsibility I have used in leading The Restoration House. This leadership means looking for ways to save on expenses, increasing funding and letting our mission of excellence for every child be the number one factor in determining where and how we allocate our resources.